Views from the West

Kathryn Ryan & Harley Manifold

F Project Gallery

18th August - 13th September 2020 

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1 Kathryn Ryan End of the Road charcoal on paper image 71 x 107cm Framed 87 x 122cm 2020   SOLD

2 Harley Manifold Concrete Dreams oil on canvas 61 x 167cm  SOLD

3 Kathryn Ryan Twelve Apostles 2 charcoal on paper, diptych image 52 x 148cm Framed 73 x 168cm $6500

4 Harley Manifold They've got a butter dish for you. That's a cool butter dish oil on canvas 35 x28cm  SOLD

5 Kathryn Ryan Mt Noorat 1 oil on canvas 25 x52 cm 2020  SOLD

6 Kathryn Ryan Memory Marker- Jacks Tree 2 oil on canvas 25 x 25 cm 2020 SOLD

7 Harley Manifold Summer's Gone oil on canvas 88x130cm $4400

8 Harley Manifold Ping Test oil on canvas 97 x130cm $4400

9 Kathryn Ryan Fenceline Pines oil on linen 112 x 152cm 2018 - 2020 $10,500

10 Harley Manifold Love is like a sin my friend oil on Belgian linen 95 x160cm $6600

11 Harley Manifold 'We are living in a pretty F'd timeline'  oil on canvas 28x35cm $1800

12 Kathryn Ryan The Quiet Winter oil on linen 183 x 137cm 2019 $16,500

13 Kathryn Ryan Journeys Past 1 oil on linen 76 x 76cm 2020   SOLD

14 Harley Manifold The urban planner said they needed to foliate oil on canvas 86 x130cm $4400

The F Project Gallery Warrnambool VIC 

Views from the West: Kathryn Ryan & Harley Manifold

August 18- September 13 2020

Western Victoria, the traditional lands of the Maar Nation, and the birthplace of colonial Victoria. It’s a complex land, comprised of deep geological and historical layers. To call it home is to acknowledge that you are shaped by these layers and that you are, in some ways, defined by their potential.

For artists growing up in the Western District, it establishes a particular vision, grants them an eye well suited to expansive landscapes. As Kathryn Ryan notes, ‘My way of seeing, viewpoint, what captures my eye and inspiration has been moulded by this landscape, the space we inhabit, the vast skies and attention to the layout of the land. The quality of light, ever changing with the shifting clouds and weather patterns emitting a glow of light from dark moody skies, reiterates that I am in my home landscape’. Kathryn’s eye searches for honesty in its portrayal of the landscape – misty and vast, crisp and cold, lit softly by a sun that hugs the horizon.

Views From the West finds two Western District artists exploring the relationship that they have with their home, and the relationship that their home has with the City. Harley Manifold recounts ‘the first time traveling to the city, the view of the Melbourne skyline, pointed out by Mum and Dad in the front, framed by them and their seats. A distant great towering set of grey teeth – awe inducing, terrifying, captivating. From that first sighting it was only natural that I had to keep going back, yet the experience was always overwhelming and overstimulating’. For someone from the West, there is a tension within the city that is evident right from the first visit. For Harley, that became an important aspect of his work.

The two artists have created a very special show here. The monolithic forms of Kathryn’s farm trees mirror the towering concrete pillars of Harley’s urban landscapes to great effect. Where we often think of cities as being distinctly separate to the country, this exhibition encourages us to look again.

Gareth Colliton August 2020 

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